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Private Client Forum ("PCF") is a distinguished group of former and current clients who owned and built their own business, across a wide variety of industries, most of whom transitioned their business through a full or partial sale to private equity, a strategic buyer, and ESOP or management buyout. PCF provides a trusted environment for these successful business leaders to network with likeable, like-minded entrepreneurs, all experiencing life after some business and life transition, to seek advice and share experiences from their fellow members across all facets of post-transaction life, including business, personal, family, investments, travel, and more.  
PCF organizes four to six events per year, with each event featuring guest speakers from a wide array of topics, such as sports, business, politics, the arts, and community involvement. By hosting regular gatherings in Northeast Ohio, the PCF creates opportunities to make new, lasting friendships among the members, none of whom knew each other prior to joining, and all of whom benefit from interacting with a peer group experiencing similar issues and opportunities in their next phase of life.


Select members of the group have a desire to continue fulfilling their professional interests by serving in various capacities, such as board member, adviser, consultant, or operating partner, to business owners and private equity firms throughout the U.S.  To access their profiles, just click a name to see if they might be a fit for your advisor needs.  If interested, please contact Mike Paparella at or 216-658-2595 to learn more and get a “warm introduction” to one or more of the candidates.


Decades of experience as owners and operators and deep sector knowledge, our Private Client Forum Advisory Network provides strategic advisory and operational services to private equity firms and family-owned businesses, helping to drive long-term value creation.

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